“Yo Fatima, how’s it going?”
“Eh, my day sucks.”
“Oh really? Why can’t it swallow?”
“..uhh okay then. My day swallows.”
“Okay then, just spit it back out.”

My day eventually got better and better. We had dance practice at Nikki’s
new house in Brandywine. I looove it. It was especially fun when all of us ran
around the whole house. Anywho, practice was great. I can’t wait for PreCon. It is going to be sick.

8 thoughts on “

  1. hahah thats a good one =P wasssshup faye?! i`m in need for more eggrolls……and i swear eryone was smellin like it wen dey got out of the lunchroom ..imm bo0o0red..soo yeah MASS TOMORROW! and our schdules alil bit wierrdd buh hey at least we get shortened classes ! well i shall see uu at school homefry

  2. LOL! wowzers!hi fayzers!bye fayzers!miss you!love you!*insert something else really cool here*!<3rika

  3. I wanna go to PreCon!!!

  4. running around a new house is fun! and it IS going to be sick!! wooop :) :( wink :p :lol: :mad: :heartbeat: :love: :eprop: :wave: :sunshine: :wha: :yes: :sleepy: :rolleyes: :lookaround: :eek: :nono: :fun: :goodjob: :giggle: :cry: :shysmile: :jealous: :whocares: :spinning: :coolman: :littlekiss: :laugh:

  5. yea, i loved running around the house too! and don’t worry faye i don’t care if you get me sick!

  6. ooooooooooh i can’t wait!!! :spinning:

  7. yo dude! long time no see! just dropping props

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