Congratulations to all of those who graduated today.

This one’s for Jam!e, “mmm..cook.”

Tomorrow: my birthday (Chewi’s, Chris’ and Richard’s as well) and
PreCon in New York. I’m ‘looking forward’ in getting my 32 punches. yessss.

Oh and btw,

PS. I must add that May has been one crazy and busy month.

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  1. May was a busy month for you? APRIL was for me! I can’t wait until Conference. I’ll FINALLY get to see you & we can take a picture too =) I LOVE YOU FAYE-FAYE, FAYE-Z, FAYE-G, FAYE-E?.. FATIMA.

  2. hahahahah hey fats!MWAHAHAHA THATS HILARIOUS!later homie!

  3. happy birthday my dear faye! is it sweet 16? well i miss you, see you in one month? ;)

  4. HAPPY B- Lated B-day! Love you.
    btw, how was precon?

  5. happy birthday hun.may all your wishes come true.. i love you!!

  6. happy belated faye,  the party was really great. thanks for inviting me and giving me the chance to be your rose haha iight tho ttyl peace

  7. happpy biiirthday dayy tooo u!!! happy birthday day too u!! hapy BIIRTHDAYY happy biirthdayyyyyyyyyyyy..happy birthdayy too youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!:sunshine:i was hopin u were guna write an entry on ur bday but guess not soill jus leava comment here-hope ur sweet 16 was awesoem!!!

  8. Thank you for the greeting.  Well your b-day was 2 days ago and I already greeted you twice. Ah well, what’s one more. Happy belated B-day Faye-Z. The party and the video tribute was really funny too. When I came, you were saying something about my parents and your parents. I didn’t catch everything, but yeah, laters : )

  9. AHHHH I AM SO LATE! i WAS going to text you back to say thanks but my phone keeps giving me these things that say “error”!ahhh and i was going to text you on saturday…. but yeah my phone wouldn’t let me! sooooo happy belated faye shmaye! i love you!

  10. Happy Birthday Faye! I truly felt God’s blessing this weekend…so glad I got 2 see all you guys. Good luck in your next year of life (make the most of it). May was crazy and busy, huh? I have a feeling this summer is gonna be 4 me. I hope 2 attend as many retreats as possible tho…and serve a lot more. See you around sista! God bless, tiger

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