Congratulations to all of those who graduated today.

This one’s for Jam!e, “mmm..cook.”

Tomorrow: my birthday (Chewi’s, Chris’ and Richard’s as well) and
PreCon in New York. I’m ‘looking forward’ in getting my 32 punches. yessss.

Oh and btw,

PS. I must add that May has been one crazy and busy month.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. May was a busy month for you? APRIL was for me! I can’t wait until Conference. I’ll FINALLY get to see you & we can take a picture too =) I LOVE YOU FAYE-FAYE, FAYE-Z, FAYE-G, FAYE-E?.. FATIMA.

  2. happpy biiirthday dayy tooo u!!! happy birthday day too u!! hapy BIIRTHDAYY happy biirthdayyyyyyyyyyyy..happy birthdayy too youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!:sunshine:i was hopin u were guna write an entry on ur bday but guess not soill jus leava comment here-hope ur sweet 16 was awesoem!!!

  3. Thank you for the greeting.  Well your b-day was 2 days ago and I already greeted you twice. Ah well, what’s one more. Happy belated B-day Faye-Z. The party and the video tribute was really funny too. When I came, you were saying something about my parents and your parents. I didn’t catch everything, but yeah, laters : )

  4. AHHHH I AM SO LATE! i WAS going to text you back to say thanks but my phone keeps giving me these things that say “error”!ahhh and i was going to text you on saturday…. but yeah my phone wouldn’t let me! sooooo happy belated faye shmaye! i love you!

  5. Happy Birthday Faye! I truly felt God’s blessing this weekend…so glad I got 2 see all you guys. Good luck in your next year of life (make the most of it). May was crazy and busy, huh? I have a feeling this summer is gonna be 4 me. I hope 2 attend as many retreats as possible tho…and serve a lot more. See you around sista! God bless, tiger

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