Summer has certainly been treating me well so far. The cruise my
family and i are going on is nearer than it seems. It’s going to be
great because after a few days on the cruise, we’re going to meet up
with the rest of the Dela Cruz clan in Orlando. Then after that, the
cousins are going to fly to Ohio for conference. This is going to be fun :D

family parties <33
the family with fr. mike jamie me and markie kisss the boys playing ps2 what's my name?! the artist at work ahhhh! help me mama mama lili and aly the artist; jeremy his masterpiece yoooooo

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. gosh they are soo cute!! well hope you guys have fun on your upcoming cruise, don’t get fat! wait… lucky for you, really don’t! haha but yea, i’m serious cruises = 24/7 all you can eat buffet hahaha well take care bob!

  2. awwww…glad ur having fun so far…hopefully my summer :sunshine: brightens up a little…and hopefully i actually go somewhere…LoL. take care and God bless. Be safe =] Hope to see you soon. Love ya,
    Marylou :love:

  3. you’re goin on a cruise.. when? cuz im going to one too.. what a coincident.. sorry, i can’t spell.. well hope we’re going to the same one.. well hope your summer is doing swell.. well tc and gb

  4. so i saw your booooyprend`s xanga. . . annnd–awwwww! too cute! belated happy one year, anak. you guys are waaaay awesome together ;]

  5. glad at least someone is having a great summer already!!! hmph no fair!!! agh its okie!! ima have fun to…someday……soon…..(hopefully)
    man a cruise and then orlando…and then ohio…eh beats me!
    ^_^ glad youre having fun and have great stuff to look forward too faye!! (and this time i am not being sarcastic…*wink wink*)
    well dont forget about us bored and stuck in md….:whocares:…..:love:

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