Today I spent a few hours in Borders, reading a couple of books and
to some CDs. I wouldn’t mind going there everyday if i have nothing to
this summer. hahah if only there was a closer one near my house…anyways, we ate
some Five Guys afterwards. mmmm. Later on we visited the camp at the
Vicente’s for awhile. We got lost because we
took “another way”. darn countryland. sike just kidding. Anyway, we
eventually got there and the camp was going grreat.

Yay for Italian phrase books. funnn.

Well, my family and I are off to our cruise early tomorrow morning. I’m
gonna miss everyone. It was weird because I was kind of sad saying bye to if I’m never going to see them again. Well…see you guys
in two weeks in Ohio. Take care & God Bless =) I love you.

6 thoughts on “

  1. hahahahha i love boreders!!! awesome place to chill!!! YAY im not the only dork!!**yay for italians. hott hott sexay boys!!!! i likey me some italian flava~^_^ have fun on the cruise be safe!!


  3. ack we were goin to visit you last night/this morning but then we heard u left (we= me and nikki) tear tear! plus powie was being a butt!! =D

  4. hope u have have fun on the cruise and florida, i know i had fun

  5. yea.have fun.see you in a week now.bye faye.

  6. WOW! SEEMS LIKE YOUR HAVING A BLAST! hey read me and prop me, please.

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