this month is something i’m always going to remember.

the METROnational museum of natural history
elephant!escaping the cold
i love these....silly boys.
cousins <333
Washington, D.CThe Washington Monument
inside IMAX theatrethe BLVD

we begin with a brand new month, August. the NFL season begins again.
the redskins are coming! i’m excited. speaking of redskins…training
camp tomorrow. and friday. can’t wait. i have a feeling something good
is going to happen. but i feel that each year. but THIS time…i have a
really good feeling. hahahah. let’s go skins. that’s right, you heard

last, but certainly not least.
jonakin. thanks for still
sticking by my side with the fact that we live 200 miles away from each
other and we don’t get to see each other often. thanks for still not
giving up on me throughout all the crap we go through. thanks
for still making me happy and telling me to smile when i cry
or when i’m sad. thanks for still understanding me and
helping me with problems i may have. there’s much more, but you know
that can go on for hours. hahah. so i just want to say thank you
again for everything you’ve done for me. it means so much. i
love you jonathan. happy 14
<333 fatimé

asdfhjkl i’m done. shoot me now.

7 thoughts on “

  1. i was just about to say what alan said.or in this case, i was just about to type what alan wrote.haha

  2. woooooooooooooooooooh FOOTBALL!!! :fun:

  3. hahahha good feeling.i laugh.hahah anyway your welcome too.thanks too.bye fatime.

  4. bang…. i miss you faye.

  5. ooo what did you see in imax?

  6. Those are some pretty gangster looking little kids.WE’RE SLIDE CHAMPS!or not, but i miss you fayefaye; LIKE ALWAYS!

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