throwback green and portisthe guys and i
JOE GIBBS!!! i touched his shoulder.whoaaa :D

yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life. literally. some of the guys and i went to Redskins Park to visit their first day of training camp. it was fun watching our boys prepare for the upcoming season. i got more autographs to add to my Redskins pennant like: Santana Moss, Kevin Dyson, Clifton Smith, Chris Cooley and…JOE GIBBS baby. it was a funny story how we all got one. i’ll never forget how happy we all were afterwards. HAHA. in conclusion, my summer is now complete.

the dela cruz’s left this morning. i’m sure vinnie enjoyed his last day in Maryland with all that excitement we had. hahah we all went to my auntie’s house after for another going-away party for them. all the cousins were in one room playing homicide, as usual. hahah. august started off better than i expected. i can’t wait until next summer..when we have another family reunion :D

matching hatslast pic with vinnie before he leaves..
one big happy family.

12 thoughts on “

  1. damn i wanted to go. fan appreciation day is on the 5th so i’m tryin to go to that…..i want gibbs to sign my ballsBall****

  2. you are such a JOCK faye!! HAHA!! well seeya in like…THREE WEEKS!!!??AHHHHHHHH shoot ME!!

  3. whoa!! you’re arm is like… on Joe Gibbs’ shoulder! that’s so awsome!

  4. awesome picss!!. =).. looks like you had fun!!

  5. AHHHHH thats soo awesome ur soo lucky! aww atleast ur a SKINS fan cuz if i saw some ravens pix up there.. UH-OH haha =D I <3 miss faye

  6. thanks faye! =)

  7. hahaah! i’m glad you had lots and lots of fun. wish i was there.. lol

  8. glad you had fun =) and i hope you have the best 3 weeks left of summer, ‘sigh’ why does it have to end lol. i’ll miss you in the pi. take care bob!

  9. dang luuucky haha

  10. meeting joe gibbs beats my summer

  11. man u should of got me a autograph!! hahaha,anyway hows everything faye? hope your doin good but yeah holla at you later god bless

  12. hey sweet thaaaaaaanng.haha sike.!whats good?thanks for xanga’in?haha iono see you this week maybe?i hope so.anyway ttyl bye

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