10/01: happy birthday to my dad and ryan

the dance marathon was better than I expected. 
i actually had fun.  i’m so tired though so i’m gonna rest up for super sunday


 we're sillly
 we love the floor.
taking a break

edit –10/03

we’re 3-0 baby.
Washington Redskins (20) vs. Seattle Seahawks (17)

*ask for pictures.

.  it was
such a great experience since it was
my first time and all.  I can still hear in my head all the proud fans
screaming in FedEx Field.  our seats were pretty far but it was fine with
me.  we
were on the side where the Redskins endzone was (for most of the game)
and with us being that high, we can see all the formations and stuff so
it wasn’t bad at all.  it surely was worth it..  before the game actually started,
all got there around 10:30 and walked around.  we went tailgating
extremeskins.com people, which was awesome.  they were very
and gave us a lot of food to eat for free.  anyway, the game was a
close one.  when there was 1 second left of the 4th quarter,
Seattle had a chance in winning it because they were in field goal
range.  they kicked it BUT the ball hit the post so then we went into OT :D  it was so
funny because right after it happened, the whole stadium was jumping
and screaming like craaaaazy.  well, we won the coin toss in OT so we got the ball,
made it to field goal range and Novak scored the game winning
kick.  the final score was 20-17.  so after the game, everyone
walking down the ramp were chanting 3 and 0 over and over again. 
we haven’t had that record since 1991.   man, it feels effing good to be a
Redskins fan right about now.   I’m done”

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. cute pics! im so happy that you were so happy to have gone to the redskins game. and they won! your jes soo lucky. did u happen to get on tv? Well, see you tomorrow. Take care and God bless. :love: twinetteps: im snagging some of the pics, if thats okay with you?!

  2. awwww.. im loving the pictures. you should put the other ones on later.. well im soo jealous that you went to the redskins game.. darn you!! just kidding… well ill see you tomorrow.. tc and gb

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