So Be It

For the past few weeks, I’ve gone on a 33-day journey in consecrating myself to Jesus through my heavenly mother, Mary. About two months ago, I remember blogging about leaving my comfort zone, wanting to grow in my relationship with God, and striving for holiness. Little did I know, He would bless me with so many things I would have never expected. I wrote that entry already accepting all sorts of lonliness because I was so convinced that I was going to be perfectly fine since I’d always have Him with me. Being the compassionate God that He is, He thought otherwise and decided to send me company (SSTM) to help guide me throughout this journey. He blessed me with a group of people who strive for the same purpose here in Florence, Italy.

This beautiful devotion, the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary was reintroduced (I’ve heard about it but never went through with it before) to me by God through the accompaniment of great people. The pathway to holiness was already pieced together for me. I just wasn’t fully aware.

Last Wednesday, which was my consecration day and the feast of the Annunciation, I affirmed that consecration to Jesus in Mary’s Chapel at Westminster Cathedral in London. I remember walking to the Cathedral with an overcast sky, too. Prior to the consecration, I went to Confession first, received the Eucharist, and got my ring, medal, and Marian prayer book blessed by the priest. Everything was perfect. I was a bit sad awhile back when I found out that I wouldn’t be able to be with the rest on our consecration day, but I now know that this was my time to be completely alone with God. When I expected lonliness, He gave me company. When I expected company, He gave me lonliness; not that that’s a bad thing. Not at all. It was just what I needed. And of course, as soon as I’d walk out of the Cathedral, the sun WOULD be shining. =)

Westminster Cathedral
The Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary was exactly what I needed
spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially. I asked for it, and He granted it. I learned about the
different virtues which Mary possessed. Throughout this journey, I
prayed to God, asking to be granted those virtues she possessed, too: for
her profound humility, lively faith, blind obedience, continual mental
prayer, mortification in all things, surpassing purity, ardent charity,
heroic patience, angelic sweetness, and divine wisdom. She is the perfect role model of how a woman
of God should be. We should all be like Mary.

This is the journey that I opted to take on. I continue to pray that the 33-day journey I’ve been a part of will continue for the rest of my life.

“No Mary, No Jesus.
No mother, no son.”

The only grace I beg thee to obtain for me is that every
day and every moment of my life I may say: Amen, so be it’s all that thou
didst do while on earth; Amen, so be it’s all that thou art now doing in
Heaven; Amen, so be it – to all that thou art doing in my soul, so that thou
alone mayest fully glorify Jesus in me for time and eternity. Amen.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. I guess it WOULD be better for me to comment here so that you can look back in a year or so and see my response. I love reading your blog posts because I am able to see more deeply the profound faith that has developed and continues to develop within your soul. It’s something I see when we spend time together of course, but there’s nothing quite like a well thought out and prayerfully written piece like this.”When I expected lonliness, He gave me company. When I expected company, He gave me lonliness; not that that’s a bad thing. Not at all. It was just what I needed.”^ this is exactly what I AM TALKING ABOUT! What a beautiful realization and what abandon of will! These are the words of a true daughter of Mary, of one who takes the words “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word” seriously.

  2. i didn’t know i could comment on xangas even without a xanga! haha yayy! this was a SUUPER awesome entry, faye! i’m really humbled reading this because you are so young yet so in tune with the Lord. aand reeeally you see that kind of jacket all the time?! haha i want one! sigh haha ok bye

  3. Yay consecration!  It requires so much commitment of your time.  It’s so good you can still find the time and longing for a prayer time over there.  Oh yeah, I saw your London pics.  Lucky!  The Parliament or whatever it’s called would probably overwhelm my senses from its awesomeness.  Anyway, good to hear/read that you’re good and away from the earthquake.  Later!

  4. WE MUST TALK.  I feel the Blessed Mother is calling a lot of us to the same path… seriously!  I’ve been praying about the Total Consecration also… ahhhh.  I’ll try and email you :)  Love you!!!

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