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When: Sometime during the 3rd week, I think?
Where: Chiesa di Santa Maria de’ Ricci on Via Corso
What/Who: Also around the time when I started going to daily Mass. Missed Mass that day though because  [Matt] Casper and I misread the Mass times. We could’ve sworn we saw “Messa alle 6”. When we looked  at the sign again outside, we realized that it was just the organist playing Mass PARTS. Whoops. Instead of leaving, Casper, Melinda (she met up with us shortly after) and I decided to stay and pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. I remember laughing at times because we’d sorta yell when the organ would drain our voices…hehehe. That was an awesome day.

When: Sometime towards the end of Februrary
Where: Basilica di Santa Croce
What/Who: Melinda, Casper, and I went to Mass at 6PM. I remember us wanting to stay in the chapel a little longer to pray but we got kicked out because they were closing I also remember laughing because Casper said he had a knack of getting into churches then getting kicked out minutes after. We ended up hanging out at the steps of the church. This is also when we first started the Total Consecration. We talked about what we were getting ourselves into and what we were giving/taking up for Lent :).

When: March 11
Where: Piazalle Michelangelo
What/Who: Zuzanna and I decided to go running (and since then it never happened again, ughhhh) from our apartment up to Piazalle Michelangelo. That was an intense workout… climbing up the hill was nuts. The view was our reward though. It was incredible. I need to start this up again…asap.

When: Some Tuesday in March
Where: Piazza di Santa Croce
What/Who: Matthew called me up and asked if I wanted to eat lunch with him during his break from class. He knew of this cheap, but really good place that sold yummy calzones. It was a beautiful day and the sun was beaming on us as we ate and as I helped him study for his Italian test. We MUST do this again!

When: End of March
Where: I forgot the name of the restaurant…
What/Who: Matthew’s sister was in town that week and he invited me and Casper to eat dinner with them. These potatoes were probably the best potatoes I’ve ever eaten in my life. They may not look healthy but they were surely appetizing.

When: March 29

Where: Cafe Rio/Florence Diner; Chiesa di San Barnaba

What/Who: It was a rainy, lazy Sunday for us. As a result, Matthew and I went to an American Cafe and ate burgers, fries, pancakes, toast, potatoes, etcetcetc. They even had Aunt Jemima!!! We devoured that mess.  It was cool to consume something non-Italian for once, but I felt extra fat that day.

A few hours later, we met up with Kathryn and she took us to San Barnaba — the church I’ve been meaning to visit. We went to the Filipino Mass at 6PM there. The church was packed with most of the Filipino community of Florence, if not all. What a great feeling. I haven’t heard Tagalog in a such a long time.

When: Yesterday, April 6
Where: Arno River, in front of Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
What/Who: After spending an hour at the Duomo in prayer, Melinda and I wanted to take advantage of the weather so we went to the river to watch the sunset. This picture doesn’t do justice! Luckily she had her camera. It was great way to end the day.



I wanted to do something different and somewhat fun, hopefully. Since the whole BlogTV thing never worked out because of time inconvenience and such, I figured why not do it on here? If you have any questions you would like to ask me about my experience abroad (i.e. living on my own, travels, school, food… anything at all) comment me with a question(s). Grazie!

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. can we put you on a scavenger hunt? also, i would like to hear a sample of italian rap, if it exists, and i would like to see what italian rappers look like.p.s. “p.s.” has two periods in it. it stands for “post scriptum”.

  2. @ispit – i’ll start searching now.and i was already aware of what P.S. stood for. maybe i didn’t feel like adding an extra period. geez, alan. kidding. i fixed it just for you.

  3. Fatima, we’ll do something next week since I’ll be on break. Maybe we can get lunch on Tuesday when you have your day off and play some football or something.Oh and one of the most popular Italian rappers goes by the name of Fabri Fibra. I remember listening to him before I arrived and then my Italian friend Nico was translating it for me. Ever since I found out what he was saying, I haven’t listened to it anymore. Some of his songs are really cool sounding though. There’s also another guy named Vacca, but I haven’t listened to him much.

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