Monday Morning Commute

On my commute to school this morning, I began listening to a Catholic audio teaching CD my mom gave me last night on the Eucharist. I’ve only listened to about 10 minutes of the CD so far. My commute’s about 30 minutes from home, but I kept rewinding certain parts over and over to gain a better understanding. Within those 10 minutes, there was a short story that struck me and compelled me to share. This isn’t the exact translation from the audio but it was the closest translation I found online that delivered the same message.

It seems there were two college students talking — one was Catholic, the other was non-Catholic. The young Catholic girl was trying to explain to her friend what she believed regarding the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. After listening for a while, the non-Catholic friend asked, “Are you trying to tell me that you actually believe that wafer of bread is the real body of Jesus Christ?” The other girl responded, “Yes, that’s what we believe.” Her friend then said, “If I truly believed that, I would crawl to your church on my hands and knees to receive Him!”

My own take:

What a BRILLIANT analogy for the Real Presence of the Eucharist, aka JESUS CHRIST, through the eyes of a non-Catholic. In my opinion, I don’t think crawling up the aisle on my hands and knees is needed in order for proper reception of Jesus through Holy Communion. Maybe I’m wrong. But I do believe is that we, as Catholics, should be fully aware that what is about to take place in that moment of the Mass is indeed a crucial moment of our lives, and not to be taken lightly. A few months ago, I always assumed that the Consecration was the high point of the Mass, but I soon realized that Holy Communion is actually the high point.

I plan to discuss more on this in the near future because there’s seriously just so much to cover, but to keep this simple and short: Holy Communion is the highest point of Mass because we become united with Jesus Christ — Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. We get to be one with Him. How often are we aware of that?

This is why the non-Catholic made that claim in the story.

Readers… your thoughts?

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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  1. IMO, since I truly believe that the Eucharist is the Body of Christ, then I recieve Him on my knees, and try not to recieve Him in my hands. The reason being is because its how I wish to express my love to God for of the institution of the Eucharist, thanking God for the Word made flesh. I know many say that you dont have to recieve God in that manner, and of course im not judging anyone who recieves the Eucharist standing up and in their hands, but its my belief that LOVE is all about things that you dont necessarily HAVE to do, but WANT to do regardless…no, I dont feel oblidged to recieve Him on my knees and directly in my mouth, but rather its my desire to show God I think of Him in that regard through the gestures of my body…Love is not an obligation, its the free will of the heart expressing itself through action…

    Very thought provoking post tho…thanks for posting it!

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