The House You’re Building

Three weeks ago, I gave a talk and led a discussion on our Blessed Mother during CCM’s weekly formation/fellowship event, Soul Food. Following that discussion, I had a wonderful conversation with a student who is currently in the process of going through RCIA.

Since the start of the semester, we would have our weekly and brief, casual chats, but I didn’t really know much about her life. One week she mentioned to someone how she currently isn’t Catholic but strongly desires to be. Overhearing that comment left me no choice but to listen in on the conversation and pose the question “what’s your story?” later on when the opportunity presented itself. Once the opportunity arose, she told me about her life in a nutshell and her journey in faith up to this point in time.

During that same conversation after the discussion on Mary, she proposed that she give a talk and lead a discussion on common misconceptions about the Catholic Church. She was raised Protestant. Her mother was Catholic but left the Church, and her mother frequently spoke ill about it. This left her with several misconceptions. Earlier she even asked about Marian devotions and how to learn more about Mary since she knew nothing about her. After hearing all of this all I could do was smile and think, “Wow… that’s an amazing idea, Lord.”

This past Thursday evening, she shared with a packed room of students the top five misconceptions she grew up believing in – misconceptions that were ingrained in her. And here she is now, a senior in college, an AROTC cadet, and Catholic-to-be (God-willing, of course)! After a rough few years of soul-searching in the dark, the Truth led her to where she is at this moment. Her constant seeking for Truth and hunger to learn about the Catholic Church inspire me.

What a blessing she is in my life! And what a blessing she is to the rest of the students in CCM. This Wednesday we’re having lunch together then praying the Rosary afterward. (I’m so excited!!!) She has a special army Rosary and asked if I could teach her how to pray with it. Ah! It’s fills me with great joy to witness all that God is planting in her heart. How crazy. How beautiful.

If you’d like to pray for her, Emerald is her name. :)

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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