Day 13: Busy Bee (+ days 4-12)

As you can tell by now, this “gratitude” challenge (at least on my blog) has been a lot more difficult than I initially anticipated. Aside from the fact that I was busier than usual last week, I am somehow maintaining the “no excuses” attitude. Yay for optimism!

So, while there is no excuse for this, I will say that it has brought me to realizing this: I am grateful to be busy. While the past few months in particular have felt like a balancing act of commitments for me (more than the usual load, at least), I am still grateful for those opportunities. I’ve learned to be grateful for them because God has given me a handful of commitments to say “yes” to so that I may be able to help others in various ways, whether that’s through my gifts or simply through my presence.

Also, because of this, my vacation time and real days off (that are actually spent resting and/or doing hobbies) are so much sweeter.

Here are 9 other things I’ve found myself especially grateful for each day since last Sunday:

12. Uncontrollably laughing with my Mom and Dad

11. Strangers’ selflessness & generosity (Veteran’s Day/typhoon relief)

10. Life-giving friendships/sisterhood

9. Spending an entire day focused on “gratitude” at my community’s Fall Workshop (perfect!)

8. Being filled from food (food is often taken for granted and I especially enjoyed the meal provided for the office that day by a kind and generous man)

7. Thursday afternoon Rosary walks with Fr. B

6. My peaceful 5-minute walk around the Cherrydale neighborhood of Arlington

5. Affirmations in prayer, scripture, and my spiritual reading

4. Uncontrollably laughing and crying with Jonathan over the phone

Until next time…and maybe it won’t be 10 days from today. ;)

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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