The In-Betweens of Life’s Happenings

So much of life is spent hurrying, or wanting hard times to hurry up and be done with. A lot of what we have in our world today at our disposal is for our convenience, “to save time”, they say, to get more done, to cross off all the things on the constantly growing checklists.

Not all conveniences are negative, though. But with a “convenient” mentality, it may take away from a fuller, richer experience found in the process, a process placed there for one to benefit and grow from.

This kind of mentality can also deprive one from moments meant for savoring and growing in gratitude for what’s there now and hope in what’s to come, whereas rushing the process may be due to focusing only on what’s not there and wanting it immediately to fill something. Perhaps even to serve as a distraction so we feel busy. Furthermore, in the between of starting and completing, there can even be feelings of unrest when tasks aren’t done with thoroughness or intentionality. Things might get done but it might not be the best version put forth.

Sitting at this table and looking at both these flowers and my coffee brewing in the French press had me reflecting in the four minutes it took before I poured my coffee in the mug was that everything still happens as it would, regardless of the pace. It’s natural and out of our control, yet it still happens: flowers bloom, coffee brews; in the same way trials pass, wounds heal, kids grow, seasons change. All things happen in their due time.

This is what I have been bringing to prayer lately, which then led me to rediscovering how deeply I seek after a life lived more slowly and intentionally, savoring the in-betweens of life’s happenings.

In the good, but even moreso in the trials.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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