Welcome! I’m glad you stopped by and visited our little corner of the internet. This is my creative outlet for writing and memory dropping as I learn my way through life and daily striving to live it fully with my family. Here you’ll find content on anything related to our faith journey, our domestic church—the family, and even interior design as we work on customization projects for our builder-grade home—our giant canvas. I believe each topic, in their own respective way, can provide opportunities of problem-solving so to speak. Hopefully among the teachable moments I share on life’s big or small moments, you’ll find something that will pique your interest, tug at your heart, or leave an impression.

This House You’re Building was drawn from the Homily at our Wedding Nuptial Mass on May 30, 2015. When our family first began our house-building journey in April 2017, we were reminded during prayer of our own call to build a house for God in this world—not just physically, but more importantly spiritually. The way to create a sure foundation and a sturdy, lasting structure is through Christ, our Cornerstone and Guide, and of course, hard work and sacrificial love on our part. It is my prayer that this platform will provide a glimpse of the joys and hardships that come with building up our family with authenticity.

And finally, just as all are welcome into our physical home, know that you are warmly welcome into our virtual home as well. Come on in, kick off your shoes, and let’s chat over some coffee.

Photo by Hayley Tanner Photography