gooooood evening. today was quite alright. we had a 2 hr delay. today felt like a monday & a friday ’cause we didn’t have skool monday, tuesday, wednesday, OR tomorrow [faculty meeting]. muwahahah. anyways, today was the first day we start our 2nd semester. lots of changes for me. i have WP 1st period. then my study hall changed to 5ab and i have it with nathalie, kenneth, gonzo, carlo, & other ppl. then i have Health 5c6a [i finally have a class w/jam!e, jamie & melissa!] then Lunch at 6B. aw man. my lunch moved =( i miss my good ‘ol 5C lunch buddies. ahahah its okay. 6B is fun too =) my shoulder kinda hurts, after kenneth pushed me into my locker. sucker! lol siike im kidding. anyways after skool a bunch of us were playing in the snow. alex threw a snowball at me then it went down my shirt & boyyyyyy that was hecka COLD. brr. lol it was crazy. and i’m mad at ERICA! but its okay now. i forgive her ’cause she’s my momma =) so when i got home, i settled some stuff w/someone. everything’s going good now, i suppose? me & mr. machooer had the weirdest conversation ever that it’s so..UGH, ok nvm. don’t even wanna talk about it. it cracked a good laugh tho. report cards are being mailed beginning of next week i think. ahh i think i screwed one of my subjects up, but the others should all be A’s [hopefully]. this quarter is gonna be DIFFERENT! yess. oh yeah.

then afterwards we’ll just chill & watch a movie! yipee!

holler for more info! k laterrrrrrr!
oh right. last question: who do you want to win the superbowl?!

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. aww lol thanks sweetie. mann…thats my last entry ever! people like u really inspire me, thanks! well, girrl u know where to reach me. take care miss beautiful. MUAH! till then..love u!

  2. hey girl!..its fiona…awwww u look so pretty on your picture!…haha well yea im borededed n i decided to go to ur page n see wassup wit u..well i can see ur doing good..haha..aight imma go now..peace out..take carez..god bless…

  3. ahhh u serious?? we didnt get no 2 hr delay noooOOo.. T_T hahah wish i could go today to see u!!!!!! you’re so great~! r u goin to trisha’s tomorrow? haha k wel TAKE CARES!! God bless~~ pc<33

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