so today is Monday right? today was okay..it was also Lester’s birthday! found out i coudn’t get my present yet =( dgjkalsdjgkd oh well. i thought the day went slow…very slow. and it was like 90 freaking degrees out! oh yeah! and Mrs. Bickel [my biology teacher] had her baby yesterday =) it’s cool because she became a mother on mother’s day. the baby’s name is kyle and all of us were laughing and our homeroom teacher was like “DON’T MAKE FUN OF THAT NAME” …because it was his name too..hahaha that was hilarious. but anyway, 8th period we went to take our yearbook picture for the YFC club. after school, a couple of us stayed to do commercials for our upcoming sportsfest for school! woohoo. the commercial is pretty hilarious…Elaine said Max’s shoes looked like pilgrim shoes! LOL that was funny as crap. as we were filming it, these guys came up to us then went in our school [they didn’t even go to school here], then one of the teacher’s started yelling at them because came in without permission looking for someone then for some stupid reason when they left, they sped through the parking lot going in circles and screaming….crazy nuts. i tell ya, crazy nuts. but yeah, after the commercial we went home..then i took a longggggggg nap ’til like 7. hahaha it felt good. naps are great =) i miss nap time in school. hahaha well i think that’s it? ok see you later alligators. oh and..Praise God for an awesome camp in VA BEACH! woohoo!

11 days ’til Ex’s birthday
12 days ’til Christine’s birthday
17 days ’til Angel’s birthday
18 days ’til Chewbacca’s birthday
19 days ’til Pre-con. go YFCMD! =( that sounds so lonely….
80 days ’til CONFERENCE.

“May babies are dope.” – the ANGEL herself. hahahaha

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. ahhhh/.. this song is on MY xanga too.. awwww!!! now i have to change my song! argh. faye!!!! lol jk jk. you can keep the song if you want but don’t you agree with my this song is HOT!? yeah that’s right. lol. andyways ur xanga is more better than mine. lol. here’s some eprops for yeah!

  2. haaaay. your in yfc. awesome, me to ! i was reading your blog up there, you know angel? angel arceo? yea is she the one from seattle? if it is i know her. alright BYE =]

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