good day…funny because Monday’s usually suck..but lately they’ve been pretty good. the school’s pretty empty now that the seniors are gone..booooo. i think i shouldn’t have went to school  because i felt “slow” today..haha ask anyone. what? tie your shorts?!?!  lol oh yeah, and we’re FINALLY getting air condition soon! awesome. haha it’s about time too! anyways, computadora class was cool. our teacher wasn’t here so we had a sub and all of us did nothing. oh, and lunch was great. we never had that kinda lunch in awhile. Matthew and Alex skipped study hall so they just stayed with us..hahaha. our homeroom teacher came into the cafeteria and saw us and he was telling Jamie and Jamie [hahah] all this stuff that sounded cool and i kept saying what? because i didn’t understand what he was saying! well, it might not sound funny here but if you were there you’d laugh at me. ok i will shut now……ok maybe not. so yeah, last period was religion..it was so hot in the classroom and it made me sleepy. yes. sleepy.

my weekends have been great. football and dance practices. goood stuff. they were all tiring, i’m sure of that..but i know it’ll be worth it…hopefully. on Saturday night around 10:30, me & Ryan went to the babies house to see them..since we didn’t get to see them earlier for their party because of the practices. i’d have to say the funniest thing AJ, my nephew, did was when his grandma or my aunt, gave him money..he smiled and started counting it…well not really count it but look at each bill one by one. hahaha then his elder sister went to him and said “i just want one.” and he said “no!” hahaha that was priceless. Sunday..went to church and for the first time i saw…a CICADA!!! they look weird. and the sound they make is soooo freaking annoying. then we went to my relative’s graduation party then to the GA. I played with the kids for a little while then slept on the couch. then we went home then to the mall. ok hmm i think i should write my paper now. bye. have a good day!

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. heyyy slEEpy faye!!! hahahaha u were faLLing asleep in lit class!! ::gasps:: haha its alright i still love you!! =] anyways reading romeo and juliet is getting boring =/ but i needa start my summaries BOOOO! yea enough about school! i like ur pcture!! its like the feeling of ‘reaching out to God’ thas TIGHT =] weLL see you tomrrow! love you girL-r0seLLa-

  2. heyy faye!!! i like that pic! its….cool like u!!! haha!!but wah i should have been at ur lunch…..but i had lots to do..so i didnt go -_-maybe tomorow!!!well till we meet again….toodles!

  3. omgosh! I SAW A CICADA FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY TOO!!! hahah. it was durin` driver`s ed and one of my friends was playin` wit his fingers =P hahha. it was the first time i actually saw one ALIVE. hahha. everytime i see some… they`re always dead –;; harhar. hmmm… i wonder wut it tastes like? xP

  4. hey hottie! aww you’re page is so precious. i need to redo mine. and hey, 11 days until your birthday……….COUGH! we’re cool may babies!!

  5. yo! wuduup! just saying hi! well hope to see you at precon! sols are great(kind of) oh yeah ive beatin you everyday this week with that FYD!!!! hahah anyway i like this….:sunny:….its mad hot! anyway ill talk to you later! peace!!!!

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