fun! God is awesome!
we finally had another Kids Camp after not having one for two years. it was so much fun. we had 38 kids as participants. it was cool having the camp’s theme as “Boot Camp”. the service team wore fatigues,etc. oh yes & HI ANGEL! it was nice meeting you =) we hope to see you soon. haha but yeah, i don’t really feel like explaining everything. that was a fun way of ending my summer (my summer has not exactly ended yet).

i have eleven bug bites & counting. from just today and yesterday. so itchy..crapcrapcrap. i need to stop scratching!

hmm..on Friday, i dropped by the YFC camp we had which was the 1st CFC Youth Parish-Based Camp in the USA. well this isn’t the first for us..haha we also had the first house camp, first college house camp, first high school based campus opened…okay i’m stopping (there’s still more!! hahaha). but yeah, that’s not the point! haha the point is that we have now established a Parish base in the US! it’s so awesome. i met more people. goofed around. danced the conference dance on stage while watching the real dance on the big screen. counted how many times Ronnie said “basically” in like..5 minutes. hahaha good stuff. anywho, i’m guesing most of you guys are already starting school this week or probably already have, but yeah, i just wanted to say that i hope you guys had a great summer =) and work hard in school! haha God Bless.
like our nametags?! random group shot one of the kids climbing the rope praying
i love kids =)
camp crush, anyone?! hahaha.

oh yeah..Skins got killed on Friday =(

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. hey faye!!! thanx u guyz for a gr8 weekend!!! wink i had sooo much fun nd so does my bros nd sis…so yeah…i hope 2 see u guyz soon
    owww..nd tell me wen da nxt yfc camp is gonna be…i might come!!! i just lyk hangin w/ u guyz …You’re fun :yes: lol
    ok i’ll ttyl “SUNSHINE” :sunshine: haha

  2. hello my anak =]
    well i`m glad u had a great last weekend before school starts. . hope you don`t itch tooo much, hehe. .
    well yeah, i`m tryna get my free iPod, but it`s takin` a looong time. . but i better get some more people to try it `cause my mom already bought something from the promotional thingy-ma-jiggz. . so grrr. . i need more people who want FREE iPODS ! haha, yes, that would be me promoting my xanga on yur site. . hehe. .
    well m`m kay. . 2 more days and counting. . if i don`t see you on wed. then i`ll see you on friday. . take care my faye !
    love you, byebyebyebye!

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