Jill, Joe, Me & Jamie me & Jon Kings Dominion Kings Dominion me & Aleida me & Joyce Star Trek: The Experience Dance Competition Champions SpiderGIRL saving Khimee VA Beach & Maryland

i guess i can now say my summer’s offically over. NOTE: i
know you’re thinking the pictures look familiar because yeah, i’ve put
most of them up here already, but i just wanted to put all the pictures
together for my last entry of the summer. (oh, and they’re in
chronological order..lol) eh, cheesy. oh well. most of the pictures are
mine, but the rest are either from: Jamie, Joyce, Joe & Ryan.

school’s coming up. i’m not excited at all..well i’m excited to see
everyone again and that’s probably it. sophomore year. ahhh, i hear
it’s a hard year. i must stay focused. hmm. i’m gonna miss everything
that happened this summer. mainly the stuff i used to do in the summer
that i can’t do anymore, now that it’s school time again. i gotta start
sleeping early..waaaay early. haha i can’t have anymore of those
endless phone conversations ’til morning–sleeping all day, staying up
all night! no more talking to people on AIM until 4. not having to
worry about school work that eventually because stressful. all those
dance practices & football practices that were absolutely WORTH
every minute of it. just those simple things made my summer awesome.
that’s not all..there’s plenty more but i just can’t think of it. argh,
anyways this summer has been quite an adventure. haha i got to end it
by going to Virginia Beach & the KFC Kids Camp. but yeah, maybe
that’s why i’m not excited for school and i don’t want summer to end
because since it was such a great summer i wouldn’t want it to end. i’m
not sure if i’m making sense..but yeah…all good things come to an
end. i’ll just have to wait until 2005. oh & by the way..TODAY..happy three months =)

goodbye, summer 2004.
hello once again, school.
now back to reality..

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. aw, well tear.  i’m not in any of those pictures!!!
    ah, but that’s ay-ohtay.  ;]  happy three months to us too!  oh wait.. our anniversary is like, july 14, i dunno- i’ll have to look it up.  ‘gasp’ you are cheatin on meh!  i’m so disappointed!  i’d js like to remind you you are fresh out of a certain camp where ‘ahem’ you woke me up btw, haha, and infidelity is a sin.  so yeah, you js keep that in mind missy!
    but heey, if you come to my game, i might js forgive yah.  don’t forget!!!  =D

  2. faye shmaye……….. i love you lots and i miss you much!! t-mobile right? call me!! i thought you were gonna be a junior? and don’t worry, sophomore year is like the easiest.. almost easier than frosh year.. junior year is the hardest. but yeah, i’ll send you the pics of us soon.. i look funny in them, but oh well. and wait.. happy 3 months?? WHAAAAAAAAT? let me know. later hottie.


  4. LOL you’re funnnyyyyy ;p okay well, it’s 8 days now cause, yesterday it was 9 days cause yesterday was the 1st cause today is the 2nd & it’s 8 days. lol wow, that was interestinggggg. by the way, i like your background. it’s super cool. i’m gonna take it from you ;p jk i won’t. okay t2ul byebyeeee!

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