Hail to the Redskins! Hail victory! 
my favorite player of the game, #26.

you know you loved that 65-yard touchdown by Clinton Portis during
the first quarter. and that sack LaVar Arrington did during the last
few seconds of the game. man, i love football. don’t you?

watching the news..and they’re talking about the fans. they seem happy.
reallly happy. i hope they make it to the play-offs..or maybe even the Superbowl. ah, we’ll see.

today i did my ever-so-gay-homowork. i finished
most of it. anyways, i was watching the HOLD Conference tape awhile ago
so i could learn my part for session five. i have to be on stage for
like five minutes….acting. by myself. and i have a lot of lines to
memorize. haha i hope i don’t screw up. shoot. i’ll just practice…really hard. yesterday we had dance practice at Saint Anthony’s in the good ol’ VA.
practice was fun, but tiring. haha the dance of “Trading My Sorrows” is
like an “aerobic class”..as everyone else would say. right? haha around
6:30 after practice, some of us went around VA with two of the
full-time workers, Ate Steph & Ate Bianca. (the rest are coming
next week. yipeee.) we took them to get some bubble tea..mmm then we
ate at this soup restaurant. pho? i believe. with some thingy on top of
the O, so it sounds like ‘pha’ err i don’t know. but yeah, we were
talking about how a lot of us wants to go to a Redskins game. and i
think i am going to go to one sometimes soon =) my mom said she’ll buy
tickets because she knows how bad i want to go…haha but yeah, i went
home with Gem while the rest went around DC.

i think
Jigga Jay 9arlic..(nine-arlic? what’s that. lol kidding) should stop
pulling and twisting those blinds. people will start staring at you
saying “what in the world……(who knows what else they’ll say)”
hahahaha geek. good times.

<edit> for you entertainment.
hey Jamie, Jamie, Marylou & Kristin. look what i found!

ice cream mustaches. i loved those sleepovers. haha </edit>

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. HAIL TO THE ALMIGHTY REDSKINS!!! WOOOO HOOO haha and oh yeah i cant stop staring at that adorable ralph!!! awwwww haha well see u at school =]
    take care & Gob Bless , rosella- <3

  2. hahaha i find my dream very.. INTERESTING.FUNNY.WEIRD.CRAZY.RETARDED.GAY. & i dunno what else to say cause i was just trying to think of words to put it as. it was really weird though. i wonder if it would happen though LOL…

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