So yes, do you remember that oh so very long entry i wrote last December 31st, 2003? Hahah, well fasten your seatbelts, for this is another oh so very long entry.

+ Welcome, 2004.
+ Rally
+ Ice-skating at Pentagon Mall. wonderful night. SG!
+ Arnold & Carlo officially established “me and my wheelchair” during lunch one day. hahahahah!
+ YFC PROM. Oh yes, a night i’m sure i’ll definitely remember as long as i shall live. hahah just kidding. it was awesome seeing everyone dressed up with their dates =) i also got to finally see Va Beach-ers once again. it was also the first time i met Miss Jillarae in person =) hahah. i also got to see Jon, who was my date. ohh yes, did i mention that i won duchess? hahah oh gosh.
+ Northern Maryland’s Youth Camp. Met and got closer to a few people. Saw Jill & Bbz! Oh and DODGEBALL tournament! hahah aw man, good times.

+ Superbowl. Panthers vs. Patriots. ahh, i wanted the Panthers to win. hahah oh well. The halftime show was something, eh? hahah JT.
+ candygrams?
+ “Friends for Life” meeting! hahah yay.
+ The Passion of the Christ came out in theatres. powerful movie.

+ March 5, 6 & 7: 1st Discovery Camp in Virginia Beach. I was camp servant. wonderful and new experience. it was an amazing weekend where I met more people & got closer to them as well. the car ride going there was the BEST.
+ faye-stealers?!

+ Went to Pennsylvania to watch “Behold the Lamb” with the family during Easter break.
+ dance practices to “Let Your Praises be Heard”
+ Adventure to Fort Foote Park? Took silly pictures at those huge historical canons used during one of the wars with Jamie. and walked around taking pictures near the water.
+ spork?! foon?! =)
+ the start of football and dance practices for Pre-Con.

[ MAY ]
+ THE ATTACK OF THE CICADAS! hahaha just kidding..no attack! but man i miss those things! looks like we won’t see those creatures in another 17 years. hahah oh man.
+ BMHS sportfest
+ dance practice under the stars
+ Me and Chewi’s birthday!! I had no school because it was the Class of 2004’s graduation. Went to church in the morning then hung out at home. During the afternoon we had practice at the place we were going to have Pre-Con. Then had a nice dinner with my family back at home afterwards.
+ the next day, PRE-CON. a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Very, very amazing day. Our Maryland ladies won football =) I couldn’t play that long during that game because something had happend =/ but when we won, it brought tears to my eyes when all the sisters (as well as the brothers) surrounded me in the First Aid tent. ahh i’ll never forget that moment. Oh, and we also won dance and JV & Varsity Basketball. After everything was over, I went to the Tibles’ and hung out with Virginia Beach people =) around 12, Joe, Jill, Bbz & Jon dropped me home. hahah funny car ride.
+ <3

[ JUNE ]
+ watched Harry Potter 3 with Ryan & Phil.
+ stupid finals.
+ Summer vacation begins! Watched Shrek 2 with the cousins.
+ Phillip’s graduation party. We played softball in the backyard. fun times =)
+ Rally. learned my first song on the  guitar! woohoo.
+ Mike’s graduation party. MINI COOPER! James, Jenn & I picked up the “kitty”. What was its name again? something nigga something? it was long. hahah
+ CFC Picnic. yaay. took care of the Kids. rode the carousel =) hahah hung out with Jamie & Jon the whole time.
+ King’s Dominion! awesomewonderfulgreat day! rode many rides…including Hypersonic XLC! woohoo. Eiffel Tower? hmm. hahah

[ JULY ]
+ Road trip to West Virginia with Vince & Glycel. My first G4G mission trip.
+ Last Rally before Conference.
+ Watched Spiderman 2 with Ryan…saw Kaye & Leanne at Hoffman!
+ 4th of July
+ Fellowship at the park with the girls football team =) Wendell took video of us for his film for conference. it was fun. Went to Cold Stone in Virginia afterwards to chill. awesome day.
+ more dance & football practices
+ G4G meeting & Ronnie’s birthday. Me and Jamie got caked..or actually PIED. hahah funny
+ more dance & football practices (WATER BALLOON FIGHTS!) they were the best =)
+ Last fellowship before conference at the park!
+ Elaine’s debut
+ vacation in CALIFORNIA with the family. i miss it.

+ LAS VEGAS. Gameworks. Star Trek: The Experience. walking up and down the strip. a night out with the Perez’s. confidential mission. buffets.
+ NFL Pre-season begins..
+ James 18th Surprise Birthday Party
+ SUMMER OLYMPICS in GREECE. michael phelps! team usa lost in basketball..ahhh. and more but i must hurry!
+ Day trip to Virginia Beach! Jill & Bbz’s house. Croatan Beach.
+ 1st CFC-Youth Parish Based Camp
+ Sophomore year begins..

+ 1st time eating out at FIVE GUYS with the cousins after a half day of school.
+ HOLD Conference practices
+ HOLD Conference! good times. i got stuck in an elevator!
+ Redskins vs. Cowboys. I got angry at Jon. hahaha

+ Ryan’s birthday. HAUNTED HOUSE?!
+ Fatties for Life was established.
+ Spirit Week
+ 1st time going to FedEx Field (The Redskins Store) to get my Portis jersey
+ No homecoming. hungout at the Vicente’s instead! hahah
+ CFC Regional Conference & GK Concert
+ the saddest Redskins game I’ve ever seen which made me cry..

+ parents out for the whole weekend for a whole bunch of us. hungout everyday, but went home early each night being the good children we are =)
+ Sophomore retreat.
+ Mega Camp in Va Beach: GREAT ADVENTURE WEEKEND & Kids Camp
+ RIP Vee. i love and miss you. <33
+ Thanksgiving! mmm. food.
+ Collision Course came out. “LPJZ, help me out!”

+ cousins night out
+ gayyyyyy midterms.
+ Winter Fine Arts Festival
+ Christmas Vacation begins!!
+ CFC Christmas Party
+ Jennifer’s birthday. woohoo. video games party! hahahah DRUMMASTER and MARIO TENIS!
+ Markie’s ‘Incredibles’ Party! and also the 1st snowfall of the year.
+ Saint Columba Youth’s Christmas Party. found out you weren’t coming for the weekend anymore =
+ Christmas party at my house for my mom & dad’s HH Unit
+ CHRISTMAS. happy birthday Jesus.
+ Christmas party for the family =)
+ Stupid Cowboys beat the Redskins again. i was heartbroken. 10-13. freaking….!
+ watched Meet the Fockers with the cousins
+ the Perez’s visit and hangout with my family at my house.
+ Wizards game! close game. errr. Jon and Ivan are gay because you guys were for the Pistons. hahah just kidding.
+ my mom’s work’s christmas party
+ fellowship at the park playing football! goood times.
+ NEW YEARS PARTY HERE. as usual. hahah
+ Goodbye 2004, welcome 2005.

Okay, i’m finally done. This is much shorter than last year’s because i didn’t ellaborate as much. hahah i’m in a rush, ANYWHO, i hope everyone had a nice year. I’m sure i did =) Have a great NEW year. HAPPY NEW YEARS! again! hahah, God bless you all =) and I love you!

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. WOW FAYE! i could never type that much! kudos to u!! seems like u had a totally AWESO year….but lets make 2oo5 even better!!!! booYA! woot woot! hope u enjoyed winter break…and (un)fortunately ill see u three days!! tehe jk!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! and much love

  2. dang gurl! are you nuts or something?! LoL you remember everything from each month? wahHh… did you write these all down somewhere? LoL goodness… you’re good… ahah nice one ;] well i wish you a happy new year… ill talk to you soon ok doke?
    tell chris i said hi ;]
    take care&much love alwaystiffany <33

  3. hahah wow! i should do an entry like that =P too bad i didn`t record anything that happened in 2004. the most i can rely on is my xanga… and i didn`t update much this year =P harhar. so maybe this year, i`ll start writin` stuff down so that by the end of the year i can make a huge ass entry like this one =P LOL. well anyway… happy new year girl =] hoped it was a good one for you. take care!<3 MiSS LAURiE

  4. hey sweetie…just wishing youand your family a happy ney year….thanks for the comment haha that was soooo 5 years ago…i’m online like once every two weeks…anyways take care in the east love you GB

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