It’s January 4th, 2005.
The weather today was in the 60’s.
It’s the Day After Tomorrow!!! AHHHH, just kidding.
50 First Dates is a good movie =)
Tomorrow is MaryAnn’s (WINSTON!) & Kenneth’s Birthday.
Me and Ralphew are going to motivate each other to eat healthy lunches from now on until the end of this school year. FAT CAMP! hahah.
PA RAPPA THE RAPPA?!?! kick, punch, it’s all in the mind!
The regular NFL Season is over = Now i must wait until August for Pre-Season again..I hope Smoot doesn’t leave.
Time for playoffs! Which team are you for?
Hey Wenster, Thrash is hott…well, he’s “okay”. haha =)
I miss KAYE..I think she should come and visit me.
I’m slightly better. I’m not coughing as much anymore. YAY.
I miss my nephews and neices.
The gogo version of “Pieces of Me” is hottttt.
My highest grade on my midterms was a 93%. HOLLER AT THAT! lowest was a….heh, anways!
I’m finished.

11 thoughts on “

  1. haha i meesh you too twin!!!fat camp huh?  haha don’t forget your walks/runs around that circle in yur neighborhood!

  2. thank you .. ohhhhh faye shmaye! haven’t kept in touch with you in a while…. happy new years… well i’m pretty late.but anyways, ii’ve been writing 2004 also!! i got so frustrated…. i keep forgetting. anyways, 7 months until i see your hot self too!! yay!! hahaha. we’ll see if i play on the football team again! later my love.

  3. faye.  hi.  james thrash = MINE!  hhaha i kid.  hiii  faye (:  i miss you… kinda :giggle: God bless always sistah!!!

  4. Hi js leaving random props i like your xanga. LOL your smileys are really cool. humm ok byes

  5. i love 50 first dates! i wanna hear that gogo version of pieces of me. congratulations with the 93%! keep it up!

  6. hmmm…..chair anyone??:sunshine:

  7. okay. it’s like 40’s over here.

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