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  1. awww….hahaha..i know. Twas very HiLARIOUS :giggle: Hopefully we have more lunches like that. :goodjob: Love ya twinee. We’re gonna have lots of fun in CANADA! :spinning: <<gosh i love ur smilies

  2. APRIL 16TH!!!
    :sunshine: Yay for Spring and road tripping to SooooVA!

  3. *sigh*
    the one lunch i happened to miss out on….I SEE HOW IT IS!
    :lol: hehe im just keeeedding….
    well bye bye and see ya tomorrowie

  4. i cant wait either..=)

  5. i loved it! :fun:
    dern, i wanna goooo.

  6. your sleeping at my house.

  7. yeah, lunch yesterday was sooo fun!! teehee. i too am also looking forward to next weekend, and the weekend after, and the weekend after.
    p.s. i think jon meant “you’re.”

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