True Love Waits

One day during my spring break this past week, I came across multiple websites of people I know that had posted videos and photos of the many weddings of the couples that got married last year. I looked at each photo and watched every video feeling a sense of happiness; happiness for them and for even for myself because I had a glimpse of true love and how wonderful of a feeling it is when you know that the person standing in front of you is the very person God had written to be with you for the rest of your life.

All I could do while looking at each video and photo was hope that I may one day experience true love, that the person will be given to me by only Him, of course – the greatest matchmaker :) I have the assumption that all girls enjoy dreaming about weddings and getting married, because I certainly do (I confess, haha). At times, I would write little notes to myself and to God in my “diary” (prayer journal) about my dreams such as, what my wedding will be like (if it’s His will for me to get married, of course), what kind of flowers my bouquet will have (already noted), how the church will be decorated, and on and on & on. I also think about when I will meet my spouse…or if I already know him or know of him. All I do know is that this will all take place in God’s time :) .

So as I wait for the moment when the Lord places my special someone into my life, I continue to pray – pray for my future beloved and for myself, that the Lord will instill in my heart such patience, and that I’ll use that time of being a single as a time where my heart and love for Him will grow, ultimately preparing my heart for my one true love.

“Waiting for the day
When I hear You say:
‘Here is the one I have created
Just for you.'”

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.


  1. puke!! LOL just playing… how wonderful! =) i guess… have you seen the marriage commercials sponsored by the catholic church? those are nice… i don’t know what i’m saying but i love love too… and God and one day… my time will come too!! whoop! see ya

  2. hahaha yeah i read them one time ! but you have ALOT of posts ! i only got to your blogs from ’04. they’re pretty interesting, i had fun reading/scanning through them. :]

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