Morning Commute

Last semester, I commuted to school via the metro bus then transfer to the rail in DC. Because I wasn’t able to pick the times of my schedule that semester, I was stuck with classes either started at 9 or 9:30 in the morning – causing me to take the metro just so that I wouldn’t become a part of the horrendous morning commute.

I first started off the semester by driving to Southern Ave and parking there, taking the green line to L’Enfant then transfer to the orange to get to Ballston. But midway through the semester, I decided to take the bus with Ryan and experiment how that goes…like if I wanted to stick with the rail the whole time or take the bus then the rail. So once I started trying that out, each morning I’d constantly look at the window to see the city because I’ve never seen it so much as I did until now. Mind you, I had a scenic route now! :) Prior to hitting downtown, the construction of Nationals Park would always be something I wanted to be awake for to see its progression every day. It was crazy how I’d always notice something different each day too.

This semester, I drive 3 days a week to school (I was fortunate to register for later classes) and take the metro bus/rail on the other two. Yesterday, I took the metro and I was wide awake once the bus hit South Capitol Street because I missed seeing the construction of Nationals Park all the time. As soon as I looked out the window, I was glued. It’s basically finished. They just need to add the finishing touches than it’s all set for Opening Day…which is a little over two weeks. Crazy! Because they don’t have any pictures of its current status, here’s a picture of how it’s supposed to look by Opening Day. Keep in mind that this picture doesn’t serve complete justice, haha.


I really like how I was one of the thousands of commuters that saw this baseball stadium become what it looks like now. And I really like how it’s right beside the river making it as twice as pretty, haha. I can’t wait for Pope Benedict XVI to come for his first Papal Mass in the U.S… NATIONALS PARK! Well, I’m excited for this first U.S. visit altogether. I’m SO looking forward to this – our baseball team’s brand new stadium and seeing the pope…if I’m able to get a hold of a ticket.

By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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  1. wow, that commute is really confusing. cuz i was confused and i was just reading about it. hahah, but that’s really great that you get to see all these cool scenic things before you go to school, its like a good start to your day :]
    where do you go to school ?

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