This House You’re Building, an introduction

Processed with VSCO with s2 presetA week from today we are moving out of our apartment. While I should have probably packed tonight, the inspiration to write hit me and it hasn’t left since. I’m thankful for that because for many years now I have always found writing to be a great creative outlet, most especially when I find moments in my life worth sharing as a way to paint how God has been unveiling Himself to me.

After becoming a mom twice, it was no surprise to me that I would not be able to do some of the stuff I had done before as often as I’d like to. Tonight I was revisiting older posts and updating sub-pages, reading through some of the things I had previously written that were more prevalent in my life then. Some of those things included spending hours in bookstores reading, churches, or museums, going on trips and so on. While I am still able to do those things it just doesn’t quite look the same. Now it looks more like reading board books to the babies or getting started on reading a book of mine only to stop a few minutes later because of a crying baby, or missing/not being able to hear the readings or homilies at Sunday Mass because poopy diapers or meltdowns. ;) For those reasons and more are probably why I enjoy reading what my life was like then and reflecting on how it is now — with the intent of taking a step back to see in panoramic view how God’s plans were made manifest throughout all these years. (I’ll admit, I’m not the proudest of my earliest Xanga posts dating back to my high school years, and archived under “The Glory Road”, but hey, that was a part of the journey, too…)

Now that we are midway through 2017, which is hard for me to believe, one particular goal I would like to add is to write more often. Hopefully by sharing that here it will keep me accountable! Entering deeply into my life’s vocation as wife and mother these past two years have given me the heaviest crosses to bear, but also the greatest joys. Because of this, I desire to write more and share more because any work the Master Artist paints, though it might not look so clear or even pretty initially, is an imminent masterpiece I believe is worth sharing.

For those who are were already readers of my blog, I changed the site title from “Oblatio Sui” to “This House You’re Building.” (For those who are new, welcome!) I don’t know that it’s a permanent thing, but for now at least, I know that in those very words God has been making His presence so especially known to us this year – through the building up of our family, the domestic church, and the literal building of our future house which is set to be completed in the Fall.

On that note, thanks for coming [back] to my little space in the world where I share a piece of my heart and mind. You can expect to read posts on my family, marriage, and perhaps some design ideas, drawings and floor plans of our future home. :)

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By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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