Home Is Where You Make It



When we moved into this apartment, James was five months. He was born into our first apartment, a two-bedroom garden apartment that was built in the 50’s, right outside of Del Ray Alexandria. It had great character and space, but it lacked in a number of ways. However, it was very special as it was the home where we began our family.

A year ago around this exact week, we were packing up and getting ready to leave that home to move into a new one – this one. And it was here that James learned how to sit up, eat solids, crawl, swim (not really, but he “swam” with his daddy a handful of times!), and eventually walk. It was in this humble one-bedroom high rise apartment that our family continued to grow in. It was the home we took Lucy home to just three months ago. What the last place lacked, this one made up for in just about everything, except that we lost a room (and till this day I still think it was a worth it). But even with a family of four we made it work these last three months. It was a challenge we joyfully took on, and now even both babies are sleeping through the night in the same room! It’s possible! ;)

Moving and the whole packing part of it is such a big undertaking. It’s exhausting. As a family we have moved time and again because there was always something lacking, whether it was simple luxuries such as a laundry/dryer in the unit, a dishwasher, central A/C. We had some very humble beginnings. Exhaustion aside, these last few weeks of preparation for this move have been filled with so much reminiscing and reflection. In a way I’m sad that we are already leaving; we’ve come to really enjoy making this place our home. It wasn’t in our initial plan that we would leave this soon, but it wasn’t in our initial plan that we would get pregnant again either. In life, you can plan all you want and picture your life to look a certain way. But when your whole life is a total surrender to what God has planned, you adjust accordingly, and eventually you come to discover how much better life is because of that freeing surrender to God and His perfect plan.

Each place gave us what we needed at the time.  Our first home was perfect for us starting out, and this place was much better in providing for our growing needs as a growing family. Thursday I’ll be moving back into my parents’ house, the house I was born into and grew up in until I got married, with my own family as we wait our house to get built. That house will always be home to me, and I feel very fortunate that later this year I, alongside my husband, will be able to raise our own family in a house of our own too.

Home for us might have looked different these past two years, but each placed lived in was always home because we made it home. As someone whose very occupation is helping in a small way build [sustainable] buildings, home has very little to do with the building; it’s about those who occupy it.

So here’s to “home,” wherever we were, we are and will be. Celebrate it. Be grateful for it. I know I am.



By Fatima

wife + mom. sustainability strategist, interior designer, writer. sharing faith and our growing domestic church. creating a slow, sustainable, low waste home.

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