Building a House

What I try to do is the art of building, and the art of building is the art of construction; it is not only about forms and shapes and images. – Peter Zumthor, Swiss architect

One of the great joys of building our house is sharing the experience together as a family. During a library visit back in July, the book Building a House was on display in the children’s section, and there was no question about checking it out. Since then, this little classic book with very few words has become dear to us as we continue reading it as as family and watching our house get built.

At this point we are much further into construction since I last wrote a blog, but I wanted to look back and share some of bigger milestones with you from our house’s timeline. Over a week ago I had the pre-drywall walk through with the project manager. We were able to talk through the space and I got a much better understanding of everything that has been done and what’s next on the docket until our next walk through, which will take place right before settlement. We are anticipating a substantial completion date around mid/late October, which is so crazy! Now that it’s September, the dream of this house becoming ours is getting more and more tangible.

June 4, 2017

July 1, 2017

July 21, 2017

July 25, 2017

August 12, 2017

August 19, 2017

September 2, 2017

One of the things I hope to especially remember beyond all of this is that our house will always be a work in progress. Today the Church celebrates the feast day of St. Teresa of Calcutta, and below is a quote of hers I have been meditating on more recently. For me it serves as an honest reminder of how challenging family life is, and how seemingly impossible situations at times can be overcome with humility and love. In contrast with an actual building, building a house for God in the world will always be under construction. It does not have a completion date. Each person in the family is called to respond in love every single day. Sure it’s easier during the good days. But in the challenging or more frustrating ones, like ones that seem to have a repeat of tantrums, arguments, misunderstandings, shortages of patience? Even still. Even more so are we called to love in those moments. Every day the domestic church is called to bear Christ’s love to another without end.

“Where does love begin? It begins at home. Let us learn to love in our family. In our family, we may have very poor people, and we do not take the time to notice them. We have no time to talk with each other. Let us bring that love, that tenderness into our own homes, and you will see the difference.”

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