The Family Moves Inside

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And here we are.

For those who have been following us on this journey, you have a good picture of how tumultuous this time of transition was for us. These particular last few weeks have been a roller coaster, but thankfully the papers have been signed, the keys were handed over and we are happy owners of a brand new beautiful home that we’ve had the privilege of watching come together from absolutely nothing.

If there is one specific thing this journey has shown me, it is that you can prepare a great deal for an extended period of time, and still not know what the outcome will be. This was the case even a week leading up to settlement. We experienced bouts of doubt and anxiety. But without divulging too much into it, this is where I’ll leave the learned-lesson: when you find yourself in a difficult position even after having prepared as much as you saw fit, all that is left is unreservedly lifting up your hands, not in defeat for not having the answers to a surer path sooner, but lifting them in an offering to God… the doubts, anxieties, the unknown – all of it. Because when you completely offer everything up, sure enough – God is ready to rain down His graces and peace, both of which wash away any remnants of fear or insecurities. That’s not giving up, but rather it’s giving everything to God. And you know what? There is so much freedom and interior peace in that.

Sometimes I chuckle to myself and think of what an 180-degree turn our lives have taken, comparing our lives two weeks ago to the present moment. Now we are furnishing our home, which is fun and exciting. Unexpectedly I have been finding great inspiration as of late, so hopefully there’ll be more to come of our house progress via Instagram and on here. My designer heart is bursting with excitement – ever since I decided to pursue interior design post-high school I have always dreamed about designing my own home. Here and there I have helped others with their homes, giving consultation and providing furniture schedules and what not. This time it’s our turn! (My designer heart has also rubbed off on my husband.)

In closing, the house-building & house-buying processes sure have been exciting for us, but also very challenging (more so the latter process, not the former). Despite the uncertainty I personally often experienced, a sure reminder I was relieved to have received in prayer or in conversations with others was that God is faithful and is very much present in both our hardships and joys. Always.

“Don’t quit, and don’t give up. The reward is just around the corner. And in times of doubt or times of joy, listen for that still, small voice. Know that God has been there from the beginning—and he will be there until the . . .

The End.” —Joanna Gaines

HONEY. WE DID IT. Ahhhh!!!!

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